Nutrient Dense Beef

Nutrient Dense Beef

Are you a true lover of fine Beef? Nutrient Dense Beef is the answer. As a matter of fact, this is a meat that contains no antibiotics, chemicals, or added water. You Will Want To Order Now!

Here is the Best Nutrient Dense Beef You Will Ever Want To Have:

  • So what is the problem with the Beef you buy at the Supermarket?
  • Firstly, the beef you buy comes in three grades. Prime, Choice, and Select. They grade the beef by marbling and toughness.
  • Secondly: Since Beef is sold by the pound, as a result, you are paying for the water that they inject into the beef. How much of it is water content?
  • Thirdly: They inject the cows with hormones and antibiotics, not to mention, all the chemicals that they use around the ranch.

Have you ever heard the expression, you are what you eat?

Regardless, we have always made a purchase of our beef online from companies that, well, treat their beef the natural way. There is such a difference in taste. We recently found a company that raises their cows in a natural way that gives the beef a natural taste you won’t believe. Once you try this beef you will never purchase it from anywhere else. Why?

OK Here is why this is the best Nutrient Dense Beef Ever:

  • To start with, there are 50% more nutrients than in any other grass-fed company.
  • These cows are fed on 40,000 acres of natural grass.
  • Instead of chemical fertilizers ranches use the natural waste from the cows to put the nutrients back in the soil.
  • Furthermore, they rotate the cattle on the grazing land so that they never OVERGRAZE the acreage. This allows the grass to rejuvenate providing the best nutrients for the soil.
  • It has been fat-tested and found to be 350% more healthy than the average grassfed/finished beef.

Let’s Take a Look at How Beef Gets to the Supermarket:

Rancher>>>Stocker>>>Fedlot>>>Processor>>>Supermarket>>>and finally to you.

Here is the cycle of this Awesome Company:

Rancher>>>Processor>>>and You.

Quite a difference, Don’t you think? With all the chemicals, hormones, and other additives, now is the time to switch to this high-quality, Nutrient Dense Beef. Start your journey here to a healthier lifestyle.

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